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"Let your competition's name be forgotten;
our innovative product gives
you the competitive edge by giving prospects
YOUR NAME at their fingertips!"

Large companies spend thousands of dollars for "brand recognition" so they'll be remembered by customers...only to have their name forgotten. Now you can reach customers thru this simple product that will increase your profits...
and leave your competition forgotten.

Dear Friend:

If you're like most company owners, you're constantly struggling with the need to be remembered and "known" by your community. You're well aware of the fact that if your customer goes to a competitor, there's better than a 90% chance that they'll never come back. 

If you don't have a plan to be remembered by future customers, you're throwing away your money in advertising and name recognition. You're accepting a small fraction of the business that belongs to you.

That's why I urge every business owner to put their name out where it can be seen. In particular, if you have a company car, van, or truck, put your name all over it! This is your opportunity to announce your company all over town, all day long, at no additional expense! If you have a storefront with a place for a sign or window, put your name all over it!

Unfortunately, just seeing your company name and phone number is rarely enough to bring in the business. People often don't have a pen and paper and assume that "I'll remember that name and call them later," only to have them forget...and never make that call.

Even worse, future customers will go to the telephone directory to look up your company name (hoping that they'll recognize it) and they'll be presented with name after name of your direct competitors. And it's probable that you're going to lose that future customer to one of your competitors.

This leads to a fundamental question --

Do people forget your company?

If this isn't an issue for you, you can stop reading here. However, if you know for sure that there are people who forget your company and have ended up buying from someone else, this is important...

Business name recognition is proven to be very profitable. How do we know? We've been in business for years and have reaped the benefits of being known, recognized, and remembered in our local community. (If you're one of the few not familiar with our gift business, click here now to see what has earned us the "professional" status).

Despite all the benefits of making your company name visible, you're vying for each person's attention, competing with multiple other companies offering the very same product or service.

Here's where your problems come from:

>> People forget your company name -- Depending on the size town that you're in, you may have anywhere from 2 to 200 competitors who are all calling out to your potential customers. Unless you have some way for them to remember your name, they're going to forget you.

Prospects lose your contact information -- Even the most organized people lose those "yellow stickies" with important information. If the only thing someone has to remember you by is a scrap of paper that they quickly scrawled your company name on in the car, it will soon be lost forever.

>> You don't know who is your next customer -- Since customers don't go around telling everyone that they're in need of a plumber (or electrician, or landscaper, or gift company, or...). You will never know if that person who just walked by needs your services. You would need to be asking every person you see if they need your company. And you don't have the time to do that!
>> You're not around to talk to your prospect -- Unless you live in your vehicle or work at the store 24-hours-a-day, there's plenty of time when you're not available to answer your prospect's questions. They might see your company name on your van or storefront, but if you're not there when they are, the opportunity is lost and it's expected that 90% of the time they'll never contact you or come back.
>> Your prospects find your competitors -- If you're depending on new customers coming to you from the telephone directory, be sure that you're the only one listed. Why? Because you can't guarantee that when a prospect is given a choice of several companies that they'll choose yours. In fact, you have a 100% increased risk of losing your customer when they look you up in the phone book.

Fortunately, there's a way to ensure that your
"would be" customers remember YOU...
and your competitors never get a chance!

Companies across the U.S. are raving about the "simple but sophisticated" business card product that is SURE to increase name retention with your future customers.

You can have your company name and information available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week -- without requiring you to be available at any given moment!

Because this is such an innovative idea (it's not yet available in stores that we know of), developers have been charging unreasonable amounts for the business card product. You see, the developers only profit from the one sale to you, they don't get another cent of the profits that come as a result of this great product -- so they've increased the price to make it more worthwhile to them.

So, large companies and franchises have been the only ones who could afford this product... until now.

Why we're giving you this special offer!

Approximately five years ago, we invested in vinyl lettering on all of our company vehicles. We included our company name and web site, feeling confident that as people would see this "roving advertisement," they'd be flocking to our web site.

Unfortunately, it just didn't happen. We had to step back and question the effectiveness of this and evaluate whether or not this had been a complete waste of our advertising dollars.

Then we realized that it wasn't the "look" or the "image," but it all revolved around the memory of the people who saw our web address. They'd see it as they walked past our truck at a customer site, but wouldn't have a way to conveniently remember our web address. Once they walked away, we were out of sight, out of mind...and out of business.

Since we already had made the investment in the "mobile signage" (as well as signs painted on store windows), we decided that it was time to find a way to help future customers remember who we are and how to find us when they need us.

...And so, we began the work of finding a solution for this "memory problem" that was preventing our company from growing.

It took months of brainstorming and research, but we're excited to report that the "Cards on My Car" advertising kit is finally here!

Twitter followers can be a very powerfull source of campaign power in digital marketing these days, and have that with you will certainly do a great thing to your business.

And now we can give YOU the ability to...

Provide your vital company information
24-hrs-a-day, 7-days-a-week...
whether you're available or not!

Armed with this great "simple but sophisticated" kit, your business cards and vital company information is available to anyone at any time.

Always Available, Cards on My Car advertising kit & Business Card Holder
Did you know that the average service vehicle makes 16 MILLION VISUAL IMPRESSIONS in a single year?*

With "Cards on My Car," you need not miss another sale...EVER!

*According to an Independent study by the American Trucking Association

Look at your competitive advantages...


You won't lose out on one customer when you're helping another -- Once your buy the "Cards on My Car" kit and apply it to your car, truck, van or business, future customers can easily take a card to refer to when they need your product or services. You don't have to leave one customer to help another...because now they know who you are and they will remember you!

If you happen to be closed, the "Cards on My Car" advertising kit works great to have a supply of your contact information available right by your front door. You may not be there at the moment, but your future customer knows how to reach you.

>> YOUR customer won't be tempted to try a competitor -- By keeping people out of the telephone directory, they'll have YOUR NAME along with YOUR INFORMATION resulting in YOUR SALES!
>> No more wrong numbers -- Memory has a way of failing all of us. With a business card in hand, your future customers will never run the risk have a bad memory or faulty transcription -- it's right there for them in black and white -- error free!
>> No pen and paper required -- The average person on the street isn't going to be carrying a pad an paper with them for reference. With "Cards on My Car" they'll just pick up one of your cards and you'll pick up new business.

This outdoor business card holder goes to work for you.
24 hours a day.
Everyday.      Everywhere.      All year long.

At Shopping Centers, Cards on My Car advertising kit & Business Card HolderYour competitors will continue to be frustrated as they pour their marketing dollars into name recognition...only to have their name forgotten. All the while you'll be busy meeting and greeting your new clients who've picked up one of your cards around town.

Other creative ideas to use your new "Cards on My Car" kit:

>> COUPON SPECIAL -- Put a special coupon on the back of the cards in your "Cards on My Car" holder. People will be drawn to the discount!
>> MAGNET SIGN ADDITION -- Place the "Cards on My Car" holder on your existing car magnet (or have one made) and draw their attention to the business cards inside
>> PARK STRATEGICALLY -- When you're out in the company vehicle, position your car so that your information is visible, accessible, and aimed at your target audience. If you're providing baby furniture, park outside the local baby store for FREE ADVERTISING TO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!
>> TEAM SCHEDULES -- Print your local sports team schedule on the back of your cards...and then park at the games. Be sure to make a "temporary" sign to let people know about the schedule on the card.
>> REALTOR YARD SIGNS -- Place your "Cards on My Car" holder on a yard sign for easy-access. It's weatherproof and will keep your information within reach.
>> EXPOS and CONVENTIONS -- Place your "Cards on My Car" holder on your display board so it's always available whether you're speaking with a future customer or not.
>> YOUR FRONT DOOR -- If solicitors come around to your home, you might as well sell them what you have to offer!

So how does it work?

We call the "Cards on My Car" advertising kit "simple but sophisticated" because:

  • Cards on My Car advertising kit & Business Card HolderSIMPLE:  You can have this on your vehicle within minutes. Simply peel and stick, and you've already made a great step in increasing the value of your marketing dollars.
  • SOPHISTICATED:  Your competitors wish they knew what you now know. They're working hard to be recognized, yet you're taking advantage of something so very simple, yet so very effective, that you'll be gaining the new customers almost immediately!

All you have to do is peel off the double-sided, super-strong adhesive and adhere the "Cards on My Car" holder to the side or back of your car, van, or truck. If you have a store, it's a great idea to place it right by the entrance so that visitors can pick up a card during the hours when you're closed.

We'll even include a small adhesive sign to place above the "Cards on My Car" holder which directs the inquisitive to "Please Take One." It could not be any easier.

We've designed the "Cards on My Car" kit to be able to withstand the elements of nature that your car will be enduring. For wind, rain, and snow, the convenient snap-lid keeps your cards clean and dry. For car washes, simply snap the holder up and off until the car wash in complete, then slide it back onto the mounting bracket. (You can use the same removal process if you're in an unsafe neighborhood). Neither wind, nor rain, nor snow, nor carwashes can damage your business cards!

Own "Cards on My Car" for a small fraction
of what companies are paying for advertising

Available when you're out on business calls, Cards on My Car advertising kit & Business Card Holder

A business-card sized advertisement in your local Yellow Pages can easily run you upwards of $2,400 per year*. That same advertisement in your local newspaper can cost $125 per day!**

In both situations, your ad is only one of many calling for the attention of the prospective buyer. "Cards on My Car" gets your name, and YOUR NAME ONLY, in the hands of your future customer.

* 2002 prices in a local market of approximately 900,000 people
**  2002 prices in a publication with a circulation of 85,000

Yet we're offering it to you at a much lower price than these other advertising options.

The inventor of "Cards on My Car" recalls the day he was shopping at a local grocery store when a woman stopped to read the wood-refinishing advertisement on his minivan. "Another prospective client," he thought. But she never called for his business. All we can assume is that the woman never wrote his phone number down and, instead, looked up wood refinishers in the phone book when she got home -- and ended up calling the guy with the bigger more expensive ad.

"I thought if I could make my business cards more accessible, that would be good for business," our inventor recalls, "but I certainly couldn't afford to have somebody standing next to my van handing out business cards."

And the rest, as they say, is history. Now manufactured by a Wisconsin firm, the "Cards on My Car" advertising kit holds about 100 business cards and will protect business cards from rain and snow, all the while maintaining an easy-removal bracket for certain times when it needs to be taken off display.

"We want to make our product affordable to everyone. We feel it's a good growth tool for small business and that it gives them an added sales advantage." The "Cards on My Car" kit includes the business card holder and adhesive, plus adhesive signs that say, in large letters, "Business Cards, Please Take One."

Included in every "Cards on My Car" Advertising Kit:


"Cards on My Car" Holder & Adhesive
Case Removes from Base for Car Washes

Cards on My Car advertising kit & Business Card Holder

A Vinyl Self-Adhesive Sign:

Overall Sign Size -- 3.5 inches x 3 inches

Cards on My Car advertising kit & Business Card Holder

...So what's the bottom line? You can try the "Cards on My Car" advertising kit risk-free for 90 days. You won't have to pay out $2,400 in advertising bills as so many do. Nope. Your one-time investment is just $40 (reduced to) just $24.97!

If you're ready to leave your competitors behind and claim a permanent share of the business market in your community, click here now to try your "Cards on My Car" advertising kit risk-free for 90 days.

Receive a Second Kit for JUST $5.00 more!

Not only will you receive one advertising kit to increase your company sales and name recognition, you'll receive TWO COMPLETE SETS including Two "Cards on My Car" Holders & Adhesive and Two Vinyl Self-Adhesive Signs (Black Lettering with White Background AND White Lettering with a Black Background) -- all for just $5.00 more!

Claim your place in the local business community

If you don't love the "Cards on My Car" advertising kit, and new customers don't take advantage of your information at their fingertips, or if you're not satisfied for any reason, I'll issue you a prompt 100% refund (less s&h). No questions, no hassles.

Just e-mail me at any time within the next 90 days for a return authorization number. We'll have you ship it back and will credit the full purchase price (less s&h) back to you. Like I said, getting a refund is hassle-free.

Cards on My Car advertising kit & Business Card Holder

Join me in claiming your share of the local business community -- before your competitors get to them first -- and before you name is forgotten.

  1. Click here now to claim your own "Cards on My Car" advertising kit for $40 $24.97 using our secure server.

    (You be given the opportunity to buy a 2nd advertising kit for just $5.00 at check out)
  2. Feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives at our office by phone at 1-800-755-2146 and mention "Cards on My Car Offer #8" between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday.
One complete Cards for My Car advertising kit pictured. Business Card Holder


Jim Lind -- President
"Cards on My Car" Advertising Kits

P.S. For the last few years, we've been telling our customers that the business market is growing and ever-changing. As new advertising methods are developed, and your competitors put more and more money into their brand recognition, you have more and more competition to deal with. Your customers get hundreds of visual "impressions" each day... so your competition is fierce.

That's why we're so excited about this new "simple and sophisticated" strategy. It's opening a new avenue of advertising that allows you to put your company and contact information into the hands of your customers -- and there's no on-going fees or renewal contracts!

Remember, though, that this opportunity is going to be short-lived. As more companies realize the need to put their business cards into the hands of consumer...rather than just showing them a name or phone number...the "Cards on My Car" strategy will be most profitable for those marketers who use it FIRST.

If you want to be among the businesses leading the race to long-term customer relationships, name recognition, customers loyalty and increased profits with this new idea, click here now to claim your "Cards on My Car" Advertising Kit.


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